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12 07 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 2.57.38 PMEd Salvato is editor in chief of ManAboutWorld, the world’s first gay travel magazine built for iPad. Get a FREE 3-month subscription here!  He’s also a recognized industry leader and noted global gay travel expert. Read his bio. Need travel advice? He loves answering your questions. Post a comment or send an email.


Where We Sleep: Stumbling Upon London’s Coolest Hotel

23 07 2014

40winksThis is 40 Winks, a non-conventional hotel (if you can even call it that…) in hip East London that has none of the homogeneity of amenities of a normal accommodation, and all of the wildcard style that makes it on of our favorite hidden gems. The hotel is just two rooms (and one large, shared bathroom) of rock & roll chic meets old-world Victorian pomp, and gives the feel of a personal home. There isn’t even a reception desk. It’s as if George Harrison or Jimmy Page have let you stay in their guesthouse for a few nights in the coolest part of town.  This is one of the coolest hotels in London, bar none.

We covered 40 Winks and all of London Town in our July/August 2013 issue. Click here to subscribe to get more of our insider tips and hidden favorites.

Where We Eat: A New Favorite In LA

21 07 2014

aocWe’ve been dining around LA as of late and returned recently to one of the city’s best – AOC Wine Bar. Helmed by Suzanne Goin (who also runs the beloved Lucques on Melrose and Tavern out in Brentwood) this is the quintessential Los Angeles restaurant – ivy-laced mediterranean exterior, produce-rich California cuisine, cute bartenders. and an eclectic menu of tapas. We happened to be dining next to Christian Louboutin, just to add an extra splash of LA-ness to the experience.

We covered LA in-depth in our Dec. 2012 issue and will continue to post more of our insider tips from the City of Angeles.

OUT Adventures Wants to Send You to Thailand!

20 07 2014

outthailandOUT Adventures is giving away the trip of lifetime over on their website andFacebook page!

Contestants can win a Grand Prize 10-Day luxury trip for two (including airfare!), or a 2nd place 7-day luxury hotel package. Enter now by clicking hereand learning more about the contest. (All entries will receive a $100 travel voucher.) Winners will be announced August 16.

Keep an eye out for our in-depth, insider coverage of Thailand – including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the southern islands – in our next issues. Click here to subscribe!

The CheckOut: Wildcatter Ranch

20 07 2014


By ManAboutWorld Correspondent Aaron Drake

Top/bottom line

The slow pace of Wildcatter Ranch is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a lovely spot for a romantic getaway or outdoor adventure destination or if you and your man like a little action (hey, we’re talking about archery or Skeet shooting!). While you can come to simply relax at the pool or spa, you’ll definitely want to partake in the activities here to get the full ranch experience.


From $149 to $449 a night depending on room selection. Check the website for special getaway packages for two.

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Parting Shots: Cristian Flores’ Buenos Aires

17 07 2014


We spoke to ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Cristian Flores about his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

1. Why do you love to shoot Buenos Aires?

Because it is a big city in movement, I never take the same photo the same way; I always find another point of view.

2. Do you plan in advance what you will shoot in the city?

I generally take spontaneous photographies, especially in the street.

3. What has surprised you about shooting destinations the most?

I’m always surprised by the reaction of the people in front of the camera. Many people know that a photograph is very powerful. By means of one social network these can fly around the world in a few moments.

4. What have you learned about shooting destinations?

Every destination is unique, but I have learned to create photos that I hope can break down barriers that we think make us different from one another.

5. Favorite travel moment was…

I must say that my favorite moment in every trip is the lunchtime. But if I must choose one, it was when I was in Bolivia and I had lunch in the middle of a valley of llamas, and then I took a nap on the lawn surrounded by llamas. Unforgettable.

6. Best time to go to Buenos Aires

The whole year it s a beautiful city, I think that spring is the prettiest time though. It’s when the trees erupt in a riot of color creating an unforgettable image.

7. Gay Factor

Buenos Aires is a gay destination without doubt!



After a 3-year renovation, the Colon Theater reopened its doors. The first Argentine opera house, and one of most prestigious concert halls in the world, it has been restored to its past splendor.


Typical colorful building in La Boca neighborhood in the area of Caminito.


Multi-colored homes called Conventillos in Caminito in La Boca neighborhood.

ManAboutWorld’s June Issue Is Ready for Download!

15 07 2014

ManAboutWorld’s latest issue is ready for download. Subscribers: Open your iPad, tap on ManAboutWorld, go to Library, download, lean back, and enjoy. Non-subscribers may find us in the AppStore. Or click on our website to subscribe and get access to all our back issues. This month, we took a drive through the sunsplashed cities of Orange County – Anaheim, Newport Beach, Laguna, and more! – to pull back the “Orange Curtain” and find the gay that still exists.  We also talked to some of our most intrepid traveler’s about their Milestone travel adventures. Other must-read articles include:

  • Edinburgh’s International Festival coming up in August
  • San Diego and the raucous Comic-Con extravaganza at the end of July
  • Our triumphant return to P-Town to see what’s new for summer
  • A look at the countryside for honeymoon retreats
  • Rovos Rail and a luxury train ride through wine country

Wait, not a subscriber? (No, quit it ?! :). Become one now and get access to all our back issues for free.


Saints Alive! The Friendliest Gay Bar in Prague

12 07 2014

ManAboutWorld Correspondent Dennis Hensley (above right) was in Prague during a sweep through Central Europe. He stopped in at the Saints Bar and discovered the “Cheers” of the Czech Republic. If you’re heading here for their raucous politically charged and fun Gay Pride (August 11-17), be sure to have some devilish fun at Saints.

When Paul Coggles opened up the Saints Bar in Prague in 2005, he didn’t spent a lot of time thinking about where the TVs were going to go … because there weren’t going to be TVs. “I deliberately set out to make Saints a talking bar,” stresses Coggles who moved to Prague from his native England seventeen years ago. “TVs distract you from any conversation you might be having and I wanted a place where people could come and make new friends and meet the friends they already have.”

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