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10 07 2015

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 2.57.38 PMEd Salvato is editor in chief of ManAboutWorld, the 1st gay travel magazine built for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Get: FREE 3-month subscription! He’s also an industry leader, a noted global gay travel expert & author. Read his bio. Need travel advice? Post a comment below or send an email.


SCRUFF: Hooking Guys Up With Travel & Safety

23 11 2015

Traveler for article about Scruff in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineTo mark the five-year anniversary one of the World’s largest apps connecting gay men worldwide, SCRUFF announced new features to keep you safe while traveling and to help you travel better. Reported by ManAboutWorldcorrespondent Jeff Guaracino.

Gay men are travelers, so it is no surprise that SCRUFF launched SCRUFF Venture, a groundbreaking feature that redefined the “hook up” app space helping to distinguish SCRUFF apart from Grindr, Tinder, Daddy Hunt and other mobile apps. SCRUFF set out to create a connection for gay men who travel. In the first week, 20,000 trips were created, dozens of premier events listed, and hundreds of Airbnb listings. 24 destinations and counting are now featured.

“Travel has been a core use of SCRUFF,” said Eric Silverberg, one of the co-founders of Scruff. “To meet local people when you arrive in town to get advice, to hook up, to make friends in a city on an event weekend. It was very early on that people started describing how they were using scruff while they travel.”

Silverberg tells a story of a friend who went on a whirlwind global trip. He was in India, Cambodia, Jordon, and Great Britain. He used Scruff –especially in Jordon and Cambodia–before he even arrived. He found guys to talk to on Scruff so when he landed he had someone ready to meet up to take him around. He went to gay bars to house parties and a tour of the desert for four days. (Be careful who you meet online! They are still strangers).

Silverberg said, “Unlike most straight travelers, gay guys befriend one another quickly and are comfortable sightseeing and spending the day with fellow travelers they have just met.” Read the rest of this entry »

Warwick Rowers Exposed! (For a Good Cause)

13 11 2015
The Warwick Rowers, in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The Warwick Rowers- a real page turner!

Whether you like the sexy Warwick Rowers expose or finding out why OUT Magazine honored President Obama & the Congressional Cemetery honored the preeminent LGBTIQ movement leader Frank Kameny in Washington on Veterans Day, you can find all the best LGBTIQ travel news & views in this week’s brief. Travel to Berlin and use Two Bad Tourist’s Gay Guide to Europe’s most popular city or take one last glimpse at Seattle’s Gum Wall before it’s washed away.

Plus information about OutRight’s December OutSummit, engaging with global activists in New York and this weekend’s Trevor Project Fall Fete benefit.

Click here for this week’s GAYography brief.

A vital resource for LGBTIQ travelers, focusing on news, vacation insights, advocacy and current events in major cities around the globe, the GAYography brief is published every Thursday. This brief is brought to you by ManAboutWorld global correspondent and all around good guy, Ashton Giese

Gay Travel Questions Answered (Ask the Expert)

13 11 2015

Get all your gay travel questions answered in manaboutworld which includes an “ask the expert” section along with page after page of answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Ask the expert is your opportunity to have your gay travel questions answered by well-traveled passionate globetrotters. ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE.

Hamilton Princess, Bermuda, Ask the Expert, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineQUESTION: My partner and I live outside of Boston and are looking for a quick but dependably warm-weather getaway for New Years. We don’t have much time but we already anticipate needing to escape the gray and cold of New England in late December.

— Bart W., via email

ANSWER: Check out the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club in Bermuda. It’s located in Hamilton so you don’t really need a car if you stay just for a couple of nights. It’s a direct 1.5-hour inexpensive flight from Logan Airport. Marcus, the new eponymous restaurant by chef Marcus Samuelsson, is fabulous. And we checked availability at the hotel. It’s pricey but not as expensive as some of the equivalent resorts in St. Barths and other tony Caribbean locales which are a lot farther and more difficult and expensive to fly to. For more information about Bermuda, download our May 2013 issue.  Note that at this time of year, the temperatures are really nice for outdoors activities (70 degrees Fahrenheit) but not ocean-swimming weather!

 Source Events cruise to Croatia, Ask the Expert, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

QUESTION: A little bit of long-range planning. I’m planning to travel next summer or fall on my own for the first time since my partner of 26 years died. I would like to be among fellow gay men though not in a huge crowd of them,  and I’m not necessarily looking to hook up or meet a new potential boyfriend. I’m really just looking for camaraderie. Do you have any recommendations for travel opportunities that are single-person friendly? Any other advice for a newly solo traveler?

— Dennis F. in-person question

ANSWER: One of the most satisfying tours I took as a solo traveler recently was on a Source Events cruise aboard the Star Clipper, a five-masted luxury yacht along the Dalmatian Coast (Montenegro and Croatia). It was manageably small though not too small: 250 passengers. I found everyone friendly and approachable. It was my second Source cruise and the vibe was the same both times so I’m confident you’ll be very comfortable. I spoke to so many men who say that this is one of the prime sources of meeting new friends and maintaining friendships. One note: Cabins and pricing is based on double occupancy so you’ll have to ask to be placed with a cabin mate or pay the “single supplement,” the additional price for traveling alone.


Miami and Gay Ski Events in ManAboutWorld’s November Issue

11 11 2015
ManAboutWorld's November cover: the Miami skyline at night

Miami, our November cover

We don’t mind the unseasonably warm weather enveloping most of the U.S. as we go to press, but it’s not helping us mentally prepare for winter ahead. Where nature fails, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine delivers though with our insider-y guide to Miami, an easily accessed, LGBT-popular destination that’s undergoing an exciting evolution.

Download ManAboutWorld to discover a city bursting well beyond gay-centric South Beach. Wynwood is home to some of the most exciting galleries on the planet, especially at this moment when they’re preparing for next month’s Art Basel, which we also cover this month. Brickell feels like the capital of Latin America, filled with dining, drinking and hobnobbing. And discover some of the most exciting new hotels in the country that have recently opened their doors, a number of them located in Miami’s newly emerging Mid-Beach district.

In winter, not everyone flees to warm-weather destinations. Some people actually run towards the cold. Gleefully. For you we present a

Aspen gay ski week in ManAboutWorld (gay travel magazine)-November issue which also includes Miami

Aspen gay ski week

hot list of cool snowy events encircling the globe. Aspen Gay Ski week is still the daddy of all gay winter events, and it seems to be getting better with a reinvigorated leadership and truly welcoming vibe. We’re proud to be media partners with this event which benefits a number of worthy LGBT community organizations.

Have you seen our new Radar section? These are discoveries around the globe sent in by our correspondents and friends. We encourage you, dear readers, to send us your discoveries, which you may see included in an upcoming issue. Use our “Contact us” page on the blog.

NomadicBoys Try Their First Vegan Restaurant

10 11 2015
NomadicBoys in their first vegan restaurant in Ubud, Indonesia and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

NomadicBoys appear skeptical about their 1st vegan meal

Our wandering and adventurous travel bloggers Sébestien and Stephan (aka the NomadicBoys) journeyed around Asia, including a stop in Ubud where they lost their vegan virginity:

During our travels on Bali island in Indonesia in September 2015, we visited Fresh, a vegan restaurant in Ubud. Our favourite was the avocado tartare starter (peppers, coriander leaves and cashew cream cheese) and the Living Lasagne (zucchini, sundried tomato, marinara, almond pesto, mixed with citrus salad). Fresh is a newly opened vegan restaurant, where everything is made from raw vegetables. As vegan virgins, we were concerned we’d leave hungry and unsatisfied. We were extremely surprised, leaving with full bellies and really excited to discover a new way of eating. Everything we tried was bursting with flavour.


NomadicBoys in their first vegan restaurant in Ubud, Indonesia and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

I guess they liked it!

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ManAboutWorld Photos Du Jour: Sardinia’s Stunning Beaches

9 11 2015

Sardinia' stunning beaches and more in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

This past summer, ManAboutWorld correspondent, David Alport visited the Mediterranean island of Sardinia with his boyfriend and a few gay friends. They packed the gay (since there’s not much of a scene there) but they did discover Sardinia’s gorgeous beaches, delicious cuisine and warm hospitality.

  1. Why  Sardinia?

Sardinia rose to the top of my list because my good friend Simone grew up there and offered to host six of us at his family’s home. I was also excited to see a less touristy part of Italy, where we had a better chance of soaking up a real slice of Italian life. Oh, and finally there was the call of Sardinia’s famous turquoise blue sea and spectacular beaches … it was hard to argue with that.

2. Who did you travel with?

I always say that the single most important factor in a travel experience is who you go with. For this trip, I went with my partner Jake and two other couples, both of whom I adore. Needless to say, we had a blast. Because Sardinia is a pretty low-key place, I suggest traveling there with friends rather than solo.

3. What is Sardinia’s the gay community like?

There are gay people everywhere, of course, but Sardinia is not about the gay scene. Costa Smeralda is by far the most international spot, but it doesn’t have much of a gay vibe. Down in Cagliari, the island’s capital and biggest city, there is a vibrant street scene at night, and some bars where gays are more likely to gather. But there are not really any gay bars here. The Sardinians, like most Italians, are a bit more closed about their gayness.

4. What surprised you most about Sardinia?

Sardinia is a very simple island. While boasting many of Italy’s assets — great food, physical beauty, amazing shoreline — its charms are more subtle than the rest of Italy’s. Visiting Sardinia is about slowing down and relaxing. Tourist life is entirely focused on the beach, and if you don’t truly enjoy beach-going, Sardinia is not for you. I was a bit surprised by how provincial the island felt, which was actually a wonderful discovery. The one exception to this is on the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) on the northeast corner of the island, where the richest of the world’s rich bring their yachts and fabulosity. A couple days is all you need here, but if you want to experience the lifestyles of the rich, do put it on your list.Sardinian Beach Scene in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

5. Favorite moment was…

Every day held the same favorite moment: Arriving on a new beach that was even more spectacular than the one before it. Sardinia will simply floor you with the beauty of its coastline.

6. Best time to go to Sardinia

Summer is when you want to be in Sardinia. May, early June and September are the perfect months because it is a bit cooler, but I personally love a hot day, which it is throughout the peak summer months of July and August.

7. Gay factor

As I mentioned, it’s very low. But you will not feel uncomfortable.

Al fresco dining in Sardinia, in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

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What a Bargain! Canada Is a Gay Travel Deal

5 11 2015
Gay travel deal: Watching Toronto gay pride from ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Toronto gay pride spectators

Check out this gay travel deal: The Canadian dollar has dropped in value compared to the U.S. dollar. In fact the exchange rate as of now is about $1 US to $1.32 CAD. Essentially US greenbacks go about 30% further in Canada. Eat, sleep and part-ay one third more right now.

Another great nearby (for our US readers) gay travel deal is Mexico. You’ll get over 16 pesos for each US dollar. What are you waiting for? Start planning now. Download ManABoutWorld on the iTunes App Store or Google Play and get all our recommendations in Canada, Mexico and over 100 other destinations.

We support iPads, iPhones and Android devices. There are a few FREE publications in all of the apps and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!

Photo: Alex Thomson via Flickr.


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