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18 01 2016

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 2.57.38 PMEd Salvato is editor in chief of ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine designed for smartphones and tablets. Get: FREE 3-month subscription! He’s also an author, global gay travel expert & author. Read his bio. Need travel advice? Post a comment below or send an email. Header photo above: Cristian Ricardo Flores.


Brendan Vacations + Ireland = Perfect Honeymoon Vacation

10 05 2016
The Temple Bar Pubfront in close up with artwork of medieval characters, Brendan Vacations, Ireland

Temple Bar

Celebrate your love in Ireland with Brendan Vacations, as featured in ManAboutWorld’s guide to Weddings, Honeymoons and Celebration Travel. [Download it for free.] Ireland is a magical place with hospitable, engaging people. It’s the only country on the planet that granted marriage equality by a referendum (a year ago this month) — overwhelmingly exclaiming that LGBT people are truly welcome here.

These locales are shown here but don’t take our word for it. Go, now! Note: The dollar is strong against the euro which is used in the Republic of Ireland so a vacation in Eire is more affordable than ever. For surprisingly affordable luxury, culture and romance in Ireland with Brendan Vacations, download ManAboutWorld’s FREE guide now.

Gorgeous and gay friendly, Ireland makes a perfect backdrop to any celebratory experience. Whether you’re traveling as a couple or in a big group, Brendan Vacations — leaders in vacations in Ireland and Scotland — will help you customize your trip built around fabulous venues throughout the country with options created to meet any budget from Guided Vacations to Self-Drive. ManAboutWorld recently visited on a Private Chauffeur trip which included the stunning Cliffs of Moher the renowned and so-Irish-it-hurts Temple Bar (above) and the gay-owned Mustard Seed at Echo Lodge, with phenomenal food among many other stops.


Battling Homophobia in Indonesia with Alturi

5 05 2016
Alturi battles homophobia in Indonesia and around the world

Homophobia in Indonesia

Increasingly outrageous and homophobic comments by senior government officials in Indonesia are creating an atmosphere of growing intolerance and hostility towards the LGBTI community there, according to Steve Roth, co-founder and director of Alturi (as well as ManAboutWorld global correspondent).  It has gotten bad enough that some of the most vulnerable in the community have been forced to flee their homes to seek protection and safety elsewhere. 

The Indonesian LGBTI network Arus Pelangi has quickly put together an emergency response program – including a safe house, relocation assistance, a national hotline and other support services – to help those most in need but their funding for these efforts is limited.  So Alturi has teamed up with Human Rights Watch and OutRight Action International to launch a campaign here in the U.S. to support their work.

With support from Americans and others around the world, Arus Pelangi will be able to provide these much needed emergency services for the LGBTI community through the end of the year.

The press release on the following page contains more details.  You can also check out the campaign here.   Read the rest of this entry »

First-Ever Guide to LGBT Business Travel- FREE from ManAboutWorld

26 04 2016
LGBT Business Travel Guide

LGBT Business Travel Guide

Get the first-ever LGBT Business Travel guide from ManAboutWorld. 

We’ve learned from experience that LGBT businesspeople and entrepreneurs face added pressures not only in the workplace but especially when they travel for business — being expected to perform at high levels amid uncertainty.

On April 25, we published the first LGBT Guide to Business Travel. As you know, business travelers have little discretion in where they go for work and for LGBT business travelers this experience can be more than confusing; it can be downright frightening. Imagine traveling to a nation like Uganda — one of 76 countries where LGBT conduct can be criminalized. Something as simple as communicating to your partner on social media raises caution flags. How do you stay connected? Meeting local LGBT people privately may put you at risk of violence or possibly to locals if in public. Who can you trust about your identity whether it is people you meet or your own employer while traveling for business? The Guide covers everything from common questions, such as choosing to be open at work, but also serious concerns about personal safety.


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ManAboutWorld’s Guide to Weddings, Honeymoons + Celebration Travel (FREE!)

28 03 2016

ManAboutWorld's ultimate free guide to weddings, honeymoons and celebration travel

It started with the destination wedding. As our families — both by blood and more modern definitions — live increasingly spread-out lives, the idea of bringing people together somewhere other than our hometowns becomes increasingly attractive and practical. As long as people are getting on a plane, why not make it somewhere exciting and different? For those of us in expensive places like New York and London, exotic can also end up being less expensive.

The trend quickly extended to other celebrations, and at ManAboutWorld, we can think of no better way to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any personal or professional milestone than gathering a group of friends and/or family for a special travel experience.

Cheers and a clink of some bubbly for ManAboutWorld’s free Ultimate Guide to Weddings, Honeymoons + Celebration Travel. Just download the free ManAboutWorld app and check your library of issues for this guide. Tap on it and start planning your next celebration travel experience. You need an iPhone, iPad or Android device to view the guide.



Here’s are some of the topics covered in the guide:

Deciding on an experience/style
Timing your trip
Finding and working with an expert
Planning your budget
Choosing a destination
Managing a guest list
Communicating excitement
Social media strategies
Planning a ceremony
All the little details
Packing for your trip
Preparing for your departure
Enjoying the moment
Managing group dynamics
Embracing the unexpected
Easing your return
Sharing your memories

From our personal experience doing this — a 40th birthday in South Africa, a 50th birthday in Merida, an anniversary trip ManAboutWorld's ultimate free guide to weddings, honeymoons and celebration travelon a yacht in Greece — we know that the celebration trip can be exceptionally rewarding. But the planning and execution involves lots of decisions and details that can quickly derail the good times. We turned to some of our Global Correspondents and other experts who specialize in group travel to help us sort through the process, and help you plan your own memories-of-a-lifetime trip.

They are available to help you plan your own milestone travel experience — you’ll find their bios and contact information in the last section of the guide. There are special considerations when the destination celebration you’re planning involves a wedding. Where appropriate we’ve highlighted those considerations throughout this section of the guide.


Visit Paris in ManAboutWorld’s Latest Issue

14 03 2016
Paris in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


Enough of the Champs-Elysees and the Louvre. We’ve heard it all before. Lets talk about the Paris of now: the cute hipster boys of SoPi, the scene at Huabu, the vintage hotels of Oberkampf, and the members-only basement clubs. Our latest guide reimagines Paris like you’ve never known it, set to launch you into the city’s hottest neighborhoods, newest restaurants and chicest new bars. (And yes, we can help you find your way through your beloved, traditional Paris, too. We’ve got you covered.)

We discovered a side of Paris we’d never seen before. A new Paris. A Paris forced to survive unspeakable terror and rebuild itself, reinvent itself, and reestablish itself as the greatest city in the world. And now it’s ready to show you why it’s the city the entire world has imitated for centuries.

Also in this issue: Myanmar, Sicily, Greece, Hawaii, a gay family on a Carnival cruise and much more.

Download the March issue and we’ll introduce you to the people, places and things you need to know to plan the perfect trip through the world’s greatest city.

ManAboutWorld has information on many more destinations around the world! Download our very cool digital gay travel magazine for destinations around the globe. Find ManAboutWorldApp on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. We support Apple and Android devices. There are a few free publications in all of the apps, and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription.

Photo: via Flickr

Heading to Buenos Aires? Stop Here First

7 03 2016
Dancer in Buenos Aires and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Dancer in Buenos Aires

If it’s your first time in Buenos Aires, begin your exploration with this guide brought to you by ManAboutWorld correspondents John Walker and Gavin Patterson who recently visited ManAboutWorld last covered Buenos Aires in December 2013.

Croque Madame and the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo
Lunch at Croque Madame in Buenos Aires is a total treat. Set in the old coach house of the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, this divine little restaurant has class and sophistication at a reasonable price. Arrive early and you will secure one of the sought after tables surrounding the fountain in the garden. The elegant decor inside hints at the splendour associated with times past. The museum opens for free tours at 2pm and, although sometimes overlooked by visitors, it is an absolute must. Filled with exquisite European antiques, paintings and sculptures, this grand mansion houses some of the most priceless works in this part of the world.

Aspen Square, Palermo Soho
To find a hotel like Aspen Square is definitely a tip to be shared. The rooms are large, tastefully furnished

Croque Madame in Buenos Aires and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Croque Madame

and very comfortable. The staff couldn’t be more accommodating and helping visitors become acquainted with their beautiful city is what they do best. Breakfast is hearty and all inclusive and if you need to unwind there’s a small gym and pool on the top floor. The best part is the location in the heart of hip Palermo Soho, just a few minutes walk from the best restaurant precinct in Buenos Aires. It’s a safe and restful sojourn for the savvy traveler.

Peuteo Bar, Palermo Soho
Sampling gay bars in a foreign city can sometimes make you feel like Cinderella; it can be hard to find the right fit. Peuteo Bar in Palermo Soho has the magic mix of evening chic, fun and frivolity. Perfect for quieter cocktails during the week, on Friday and Saturday night the party anthems are pumping and the place is packed. Combine a dinner in trendy Armenia Square with drinks around the corner at this cosy, hospitable little bar. Most will find it a perfect fit and you might just meet a few of the local handsome princes.

Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show
Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show is about flare and passion, agile leg flicks and close sultry embraces. The orchestra above the stage ensures the rhythm of Tango is incisive, exciting, powerful and provocative as the tango dancers, in their brilliant colourful costumes, charm and mesmerise the audience. The show highlights both traditional and contemporary tangos with open gestures, intricate footwork, elegant lifts, kicks, and drops. The show is held in a beautiful traditional theatre which oozes the luxury and splendour of the tango era with its refined furnishings, nostalgic artworks and photographs. An all-inclusive, á la carte dinner is served before the show.

Pepo Pepona Gay Restaurant
A welcome kiss by the owner hints at a night full of friendly festivities at Pepo Pepona. Although the waiters will deliver a serving of ground pepper you will never forget, dining in Buenos Aires’ only gay restaurant is definitely not the ‘main course’. That would be the entertainment which begins about 12am with four extremely handsome and very well-endowed strippers gyrating and pulsating around the tables for optimum crowd pleasure. Each representing an erotic fantasy, the doctor, once out of his scrubs, was able to work his stethoscope with specialist precision. Hot and bothered, you’ll be begging for an encore. Don’t miss this evening of lustful, latino treats.

BA Gay Travel
Armando at BA Gay Travel (IGLTA affiliated) will design a tour or package a holiday to suit your needs. His 7 night Gay Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls extravaganza with flights, transfers, private English speaking guides and accommodation is a sensational way to experience some of the best the country has to offer on a short stay. The company also specializes in gay wedding ceremonies and will arrange all the legal and celebratory details while you enjoy a relaxing, leisurely time in the city. Prices are affordable and the service is outstanding. Local knowledge and understanding will make your vacation truly memorable and hassle-free.

Gay Travel News Brief: Censored in China and more

25 02 2016

Gayogrphay gay travel newsbriefA vital resource for LGBTIQ travelers, focusing on news, vacation insights, advocacy and current events in major cities around the globe, the GAYography brief is published every Thursday. This brief is brought to you by ManAboutWorld global correspondent and all around good guy, Ashton Giese

The Russian State says it will make you straight and Indonesian authorities are going back to the dark ages — claiming gay rights are a proxy war against the society – and worse than a nuclear attack! Plus discover the best spots in Rome with Two Bad Tourists complete gay guide to the city & get tips on finding romance (i.e. vacation sex) from an experienced traveler.

Find all the latest critical LGBTIQ travel news – as well as travel tips in this week’s #GAYography brief


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