Baltimore Certainly is Queer

17 08 2011

A queer circus is in town

There is lots going on in Baltimore for all visitors, including LGBT travelers. This underrated Mid-Atlantic cultural capital birthed John Waters and his many zany movies. There’s a definite queer sensibility. Here’s a fun-sounding event. We haven’t been but if you are in town, it sounds like a crazy, “Baltimore” way to spend time with the local LGBT community.

Eggplant Faerie Players present: Homo Hollow: A Queer Country Circus!

August 27, 2011 at 8 p.m.
This is an extravaganza of unbelievable and true stories of 17 years of life in Ida, a queer commune in rural Tennessee. Juggling, satire, unicycling, mandolin music, outrageous costumes, and stilt-walking! Consider drag queens with chainsaws, nuclear madness (both the radioactive kind and the family kind), animal husbandry, and how unique communities become sources of strength. Q&A follows. $15

Info: Creative Alliance




2 responses

17 08 2011
henry lappen

Saw the show in Vermont and really enjoyed it. It’s quirky and bizarre but a lot of fun. The cello adds a good counterpoint to the folksy tone. Go see it. There’s nothing else like it!

17 08 2011

I’d love to see it too! Thanks for commenting.

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