Yes, You Can(cun)! Gay Marriage Allowed in Popular Mexican Resort

4 01 2012

Gay marriage is popping up all over Mexico.

First marriage for same-sex couples was legalized in Mexico City in March 2010 with those unions recognized throughout the country. Next came the announcement that “thanks to a legal gap in the Civil Code,” marriage equality would be extended to lesbian and gay couples in Cancun (and other parts of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo located in eastern Mexico on the Atlantic coast.)

Specifically, the law allows marriage for “people,” without specifying gender.

A local activist, Patricia Novelo said gay and lesbian marriages are possible in Quintana Roo, “thanks to a legal gap in the Civil Code, which only makes mention of people interested in getting married, without specifying their gender,” according to HispanicallySpeakingNews,





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4 01 2012

And like for the recently allowed gay marriage in New York city, a wonderful gift is given by the Caribbean-based Villa Rainbow (small luxury exclusively gay-male guesthouse of St Martin) to all new same-sex couples recognized in Mexico. They can each receive a 3 nights package valid on a week stay.
Contact Chris at

4 01 2012

That’s great! Thanks for posting.

4 01 2012

And all same-sex couples recognized in Cancun as well, of course! 🙂

5 01 2012
Lulu Simawati

What a romantic place to marry

6 01 2012
Gay Travel Hawaii

It is a very good news for LGBT people to have this law passed and I am thrilled for them as there are a lot of great news lately since last year of this prrclaimation.

6 01 2012

Gay marriage and civil unions are busting out all over! Tell me more about the services you offer in Hawaii.

13 01 2012

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