Travel Geeks Take Note: New Airport in Berlin Opens in June

31 03 2012

Airport City (simulation); Visualisierung: Björn Rolle

This just in from the folks at On June 3, 2012 the brand-spanking new Brandenburg BER airport in Berlin opens and the two remaining airports, Tegel and Schönefeld, will be shut down permanently. (Tempelhof airport was closed in 2008.)

There is a lot of information about the new airport that is interesting and exciting like its convenient access to the center of the city: Trains will leave from the train station just underneath the main terminal every 15 minutes. Travel time to Berlin’s city center will be less than half an hour at a cost of around just 3 Euros.

Architects and designers were also highly conscious of environmental concerns. The planners employed a range of eco-friendly measures to ensure the new airport’s sustainability: Flora and fauna at the construction site were protected and heat and energy recycling systems were incorporated into the design from the get-go.

If your travel plans include Berlin this summer be sure to check with your airline. You may also wish to read more about Brandenburg BER on their website:




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