Our Favorite Photos From The Current Issue: Mykonos

16 06 2013
Flickr: Ricc_HB74

Flickr: Ricc_HB74

We asked Dillon, ManAboutWorld’s talented photo editor, to share a few words about some of his his favorite images from this month’s issue. Here’s what moved him about this image of Mykonos harbor.

When looking at this photograph, it’s hard for me not to envision a scene out of a Julie Delpley movie. One where two young lovers stroll carelessly through an exotic city, frequently happening across charming locations such as this small portside taverna.  It is nestled in a sandy patch of shoreline carved out along the Mykonos harbor, where the narrow hillside streets give way to a vast expanse of water and small motorboats. Conversation is illuminated by a single strand of electric bulb lights, strung up to the mast of an old fishing vessel long since settled ashore. What more perfect setting for a moment in life, one worth re-watching time and time again.

Find lots more fabulous images in our June issue. It’s also packed full of hot summer travel tips.




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