Gayography Brief: Your Global LGBT News Update

4 06 2015
Tel Aviv Pride as seen in  ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Tel Aviv Pride

This column is brought to you by Ashton Giese, ManAboutWorld correspondent and editor of the GAYography newsbrief.

Ready for Pride Month? Find out the best spots all over the country for Pride & parties — Tel Aviv Pride starts next week. There’s controversy in Pittsburgh where groups have pulled out of the parade to protest Iggy Azelea — she’s NOT too fancy lately. Abroad there’s trouble in Korea — where the Pride Parade has been cancelled for the first time — and Moscow (where it’s always cancelled).

If you’re feeling super proud, you might even venture to a nude beach — discover the world’s best “clothing optional” ones and read an account about taking on the challenge (tough for us prude Americans).

Click here for this week’s GAYography brief.

A vital resource for LGBT travelers, focusing on news, vacation insights, advocacy and current events in major cities around the globe, the GAYography brief is published each Thursday. Subscribe here & like!

Photo: Tel Aviv Pride by Atomische * Tom Giebel





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