Got iPad (or Android tablet)?

My work as an editor: Here’s what keeps me busy from an editorial perspective.

Editor in chief, ManAboutWorld digital magazine (iPad and Android)

As big editorial dog of this magazine I get to bark at our associate editor, assistant editor and our 50+ global correspondents all of whom have a hand in publishing this amazingly beautiful, informative and immersive magazine out the door 10 times a year. Except I don’t bark. I’m kinda a softy. Subscribe here.


Blogger for ManAboutWorld and here on my eponymous site.


Derek & Romaine on Sirius/XM OutQ Radio (call-in travel expert)

EqualityRadio (travel expert)

Travel Tuesdays, Proud FM (Toronto) monthly podcast



As the editor of OutTraveler’s GPS, the world’s foremost gay travel blog. I update that site with three fresh pieces of content each week. Here’s a link to my articles.

Travel editor, DOT429

As travel editor for dot429, an LGBT professional networking and content site, I write about travel every week. Here’s a round up of my recent articles.

My work as contributing editor: I’m also a contributing editor and writer for the following:

Out Magazine, (San Diego Gay and Lesbian News Online)

TripOutGayTravel (Part of the Logo Online constellation of sites)

InsiderOutTravel (’s consumer travel blog)

Edge Travel (National consumer website)


Here are a few other links to articles displaying the breadth and depth of my experience.

Picture 1Everyone’s Gay in Amsterdam — This advertisers-supported editorial package consists of a series of videos about Amsterdam that we shot and produced as well as insider informationย  we unearthed, including weekly ‘what’s happening’ updates; cool accommodations and in-the-know dining spots; hot nightlife recommendations; arts and design; fashion; shopping; a fun ‘which Amsterdam are you’ quiz and more.

sriLanka4Sri Lanka: A Revelation — I wrote this after a recent trip to this amazing Buddhist nation. After enduring seemingly endless years of civil war and the devastating effects of the tsunami of 2004 (during which around 40,000 perished), Sri Lanka finds itself on the verge of discovery as the next hot getaway thanks to the end of the war and an almost mind-boggling array of assets, from 2,000-year old Buddhist temples, Dutch and Portuguese Colonial-era architecture, stunning hotels (including two Aman Resorts) and much more.

Picture 2Top 5 Lists — I introduced this series, which required the viewer to click through all five pages to discover what was listed ‘number 1’ — two years ago and it has proven incredibly popular generating large increases in page views. Perhaps not surprisingly, Top 5 Nude Beaches was our most popular article. Another popular topic was Top 5 (Legal) Gay Honeymoon Destinations.

samoaAsk the Expert — Another very popular article series is our Ask the Expert column which we introduced as a free service to our readers. It generated both impressions and dialogue between us and our readership, which helped me craft future editorial offerings. It was a form of market research. The range of questions was vast, from gay-friendly Israel to lesbian resorts that are also dog friendly to many more topics in between.

Picture 3Travel Advocate — I had the privilege of acting as the ‘Travel Advocate’ for Advocate Magazine, the most respected and longest-running gay news and lifestyle magazine in history. As the advocate, I had a page dedicated to sharing my observations and discoveries during my travels as well as answering questions posed by our readers (circulation is approximately 170,000). Each month we focused on a particularly great hotel, a ‘hot list’ with three amazing places to put on your travel radar and a travel-related question and answer. Here’s an example from the September 2009 issue.

1027_VANTAGEX555More Advocate pieces — as the Travel Editor for, I introduced, assigned, and edited three recurring series for the site. The first, GayWatch, took a look at up-and-coming destinations that have had some issues relating to the destinations’ treatment of its own gay and lesbian citizens, including Belize and Croatia. Our Travel Top 5 series examined the top five destinations, trends, events and more around the gay and lesbian travel world. Gobal Gayborhood focused in a a neighborhood of a destination for signs of gay life, which often preceded the destination becoming hot in the minds of gay travelers and eventually in the minds of straight travelers.

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