Can we hold hands here? LGBTQ travel safety today

27 03 2019
Check out my article “Can we hold hands here?” on LGBTQ travel safety in the cool new publication Strangers Guide!
Check out my article “Can we hold hands here” on LGBTQ travel safety in the cool new publication Strangers Guide!

“For just about anyone in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) community like myself, the ad may have gotten our attention, especially in the dead of winter in New York City, but the decision to visit is much more complex. Will my partner and I be welcome? Can we hold hands or even just sit together on the beach without attracting unwanted attention? Would we be subject to judgment, eye-rolling, harassment or worse?” Read more!

Rio Carnivale!

17 02 2015
As seen in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine Rio's Carnival rehearsal

Just before Carnival officially began last week, there was a final rehearsal at the Sambodromo. The highlight of carnival is the Rio Samba Parade in the Sambodromo, a massive stadium where tickets are required. Nightly parades last until dawn.

Our correspondent Jeff Guaracino chimes in with some news about the fantastic Rio Carnivale!


 When you picture Rio de Janeiro, do you think of sexy people partying? You’d be right.

Brazil’s Carnival is known worldwide as the “world’s biggest festival” full of culture, dance, food, samba, parades and music. Tourism officials estimate 977,000 tourists joined local revelers this week at Rio de Janeiro’s 2015 Carnival. Read the rest of this entry »

ManAboutWorld’s October Issue Is Now Available

11 10 2012

You gotta see this in the iPad (something actually moves!)


Her’s the cover of our current issue. It’s chock full of the insightful, in-the-know recommendations for where to go, when to go, and where to stay, eat and play in some of the most exciting and gay-popular destinations on the planet. Download October now via the AppStore.

This month we bring you the boys of Rio and the steamy-hot Brazilian beaches of Buzios, Florianopolis, Trancoso and Paraty. We also bring you the definitive guide for the perfect gay weekend in Boston, Brussels, Cologne, New Orleans, Puerto Vallarta and Quebec City.

Did you know that Brazil is soon to enter its sultry summer season? Check out the bathing suits we spied there (below). Or that Rio’s beaches are absolutely packed with revelers for New Year’s Eve who come out all dressed in white to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display? One of our articles includes a snippet of video from that sexy holiday embedded right in the piece.

You’ll find this and lots more fun surprises from slideshows to audio clips to, simply put, the definite guide for where to go. So what are you waiting for, invitation? Here is is: We invite you to become a subscriber, enjoy our FREE trial offer and join our incredible journey.

You lookin’ at me? (Please say yes!)

Suite Dreams: Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro

17 10 2011

The Copacabana Palace at night.

The grand dame of Rio de Janeiro is indisputably the luxurious Orient-Express hotel, the Copacabana Palace. This storied Art Deco gem opened its doors in 1923 and has hosted some of the most famous personalities in the world from Fred Astaire to Madonna.

Simply walking through the lobby, past the expansive pool (surrounded by chic sunbathers) or along the elegant hallways you’re transported back to a more elegant travel landscape than exists in many cookie-cutter chain hotels.

Not stuck in the past, the hotel offers a range of modern amenities including an ample work-out facility, beautiful spa, WiFi throughout the property, and a very hip pool-level bar, the Bar do Copa. Note: the bar is free for guests and worth checking out but note the cocktail prices are sky high and you’ll have to reserve a table to actually sit down.

The location is superb: Directly across one of the most famous beaches in the world. Just cross the street and see how Cariocas (residents of Rio) actually live. Playing, strolling, eating, flirting, exercising, and more, directly on the strand or at one of the innumerable cafes strung along the edge of the sand. It’s an approximately $6 cab ride to the gay beach and handful of gay and gay-friendly bars, cafes and restaurants in the nearby neighborhood of Ipanema.

Florianopolis – Brazil’s Other Carnival Hot Spot

14 02 2011

Picture 2

Originally published in

Most LGBT travelers know that Rio’s Carnival (Mardi Gras celebration) is a white-hot and gay-popular event. Fewer know that many gay Brazilians go to Florianopolis to celebrate. This year’s festivities, March 5-8 will be hotter than ever.

This sultry island town is located to the south of Brazil (here’s a map) and is becoming the go-to hot spot for in-the-know LGBT jetsetters. Mix Brasil, the main LGBT site in Brazil, already crowned Florianopolis the gay-est Carnival in Brazil in 2011. Click here for more information, including a booking option with a very highly regarded LGBT travel agent tour operator, Brazil Ecojourneys.

Gay Brazil Update

24 01 2011

Rio beach scene

Occasionally, correspondents, friends, and fellow travelers send me updates to post in my blog. Here’s one from Bryan Herb, owner of Zoom Vacations, award winning gay tour operator, on exciting changes in Brazil — one of the world’s most gay-popular destinations.

Few countries have received the positive attention that Brazil has over the past few years.  Clearly its day has come.  Recently electing its first female president has certainly given Brazil some recent notoriety, but this is only one of the many accomplishments which have put it on the world’s center stage.  Brazil is hosting the MIss Universe Pageant in 2011, Military Olympics in 2012, the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and of course, the Olympic Games in 2016.

All of these things have raised the world’s interest in South America’s largest country, but that isn’t the only thing going up. Prices for almost any good, especially tourist commodities, are going up.

Six years ago, when Zoom Vacations conducted our first tour of Rio, the exchange rate was three Brazilian reals to one US dollar.  Now it’s about one and a half reals to the Dollar.  So, if something cost 100 reals six years ago, this was only about $33 US.  Now that same item is about $60. Not only is the exchange rate up, but the cost per item, in reals is also up.

Read the rest of this entry »

Tour of the Week: New Years in Rio with Zoom Vacations

21 11 2010

Originally published in


New Years in Rio de Janeiro has been firmly established as a popular gay high holiday. Every year, thousands of gays and lesbians from the U.S. (and many other countries) flock here to ring in the new year.


Boys on the beach in Rio

Rio is exotic, beautiful, and charming. And the locals, known as Cariocas, are friendly and oh so gorgeous — both men and women. They seem to live on the beach, playing volleyball (regular as well as the variation of the sport played with feet only) and soccer; performing that sexy dance-cum-martial arts called capoeira; eating (you can get anything from grilled shrimp to exotic fruit); and cavorting in the warm Caribbean-like waters. Nightlife is an explosion of music in some of the  hottest venues in the world.

It’s relatively easy to get there on your own, but it’s one of those destinations — especially for first-timers to Brazil — that may make sense to visit with a group. A terrific choice is Zoom Vacations, which offers a six-day Gay Rio New Years Tour December 28, 2010 to January 2, 2011. More information:

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