Meantime in Vatican City (While the Pope’s Away…)

23 09 2015
Swiss Guard at Vatican City, the Pope's U.S. visit, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Swiss Guard at Vatican City

With Pope Francis gallivanting around the United States, we visited Vatican City, an independent city-state surrounded by Rome and HQ of the Roman Catholic Church. It’s home to the pope and a countless treasures of iconic art and architecture.

A visit to Rome is not complete without a visit to the pope’s hometown, Vatican City and particular the Vatican Museums. We engaged in a a self-guided tour but you can also take a gay-oriented tour of the Vatican by our friends at the gay tour operator Quiiky. They point out some of the most LGBT-oriented art hidden in plain site.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

WIth that, it’s time to get back to your TV (or via a livestream like this at CNNGo) and watch the Pope’s arrival in Washington, D.C and travels to NYC and Philadelpia.

Entrance to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, the Pope's U.S. visit, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Entrance to the Sistine Chapel. No pictures allowed inside


Door detail at the Vatican, the Pope's U.S. visit, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Detail from a door at the Vatican

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What Happens When You Mix Tiramisu and Grindr…

22 09 2014


ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Dennis Hensley experienced a classic Rome dessert spot and a classic American hook-up app in the same day. Take it away, Dennis… Read the rest of this entry »

Photo Du Jour: Pope Francis Delivers First Christmas Mass

25 12 2013
Pope Francis celebrates midnight mass. Photo: Mike Luongo

Pope Francis celebrates midnight mass. Photo: Mike Luongo

ManAboutWorld’s peripatetic Global Correspondent Mike Luongo visited Italy this week stopping in at the Vatican to watch Pope Francis deliver his first midnight mass. He took this picture and filed this report.

I had met the current Pope Francis while he was Archbishop Jorge Bergolgio in Buenos Aires I went to take pictures at midnight mass in Catedral Metropolitana. After mass it was easy to shake hands and say hello. This year, I went to Rome for his first midnight mass as Pope.

I think regardless of one’s religion, visiting the Vatican is a special experience, and to be there for midnight mass is especially so.  The sounds of the singing, this time in eight languages, reverberate in the grand dome above the altar. It was a long ceremony, but Rome during Christmas, even if it’s a cold and damp time of year, is something every traveler should try to experience.

And so he might be a different man in a different city, the Pope is now in charge of all Catholics, but I see him as I saw him then: at the altar, baby Jesus in hand, blessing his now larger flock, wishing us all a Merry Christmas.

Tour of the Week: Source Events 10th Anniversary Cruise

8 04 2011

Side_bar_pride2 Sail from Rome to Venice September 3-10 with the great folks from Source Events on their 10th aniversary cruise aboard a luxurious, intimate five-masted, 617-foot long msy Wind Surf.

Source Events recently announced that world renowned novelist, Armistead Maupin, will be their featured guest speaker aboard the cruise.Armistead’s latest Tales of City book, Mary Ann in Autumn has received rave reviews, and Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and Avenue Q writer Jeff Whitty have teamed up to produce Tales of the City into a Broadway musical, which premieres this May in San Francisco.

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