Crossing the Equator on the Radiance of The Seas with John & Gavin

7 11 2017

ManAboutWorld correspondents John Walker and Gavin Patterson are constantly crisscrossing the globe to update our readers on gay-friendly travel opportunities all over the world … on land and on sea, including a recent experience crossing the equator. They recently sailed on the Radiance of the Seas. Here are a few of their highlights from their experience. You can read more of their adventures on their blog,

Crossing the equator in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

King Neptune summons the crew who need to be punished when crossing the Equator.

Evening Sail Out, Sydney Harbour
There are few better sights in the world than an evening sail out from Sydney Harbour on a luxury cruise liner with the brilliantly lit sails of the Opera House as a cruise curtain raiser. The shimmering waters of the harbour reflected a million dazzling lights of Australia’s biggest city adding to the spectacle of this fairytale farewell.

Sydney Harbor in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Spectacular views of Sydney Opera House on sailout

Marlborough Wineries, New Zealand
Close to Picton, the Marlborough region is a rich, fertile landscape dotted with over 100 wineries producing premium Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay varietals. World famous Cloudy Bay is the best known winery but we enjoyed the clear, crisp selections from Spy Valley and a smoky, dry Riesling from Framingham Wines. Delicious!

Marlborough wine region in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The crisp, classic tastes of the Marlborough wine region, New Zealand

A Mystery Dinner At Sea
During days at sea there’s sometimes a murder mystery to be solved at dinnertime. The scene is set with multiple villains, screaming slapstick and a gunshot. Guests piece together the clues while enjoying gourmet food and wine pairing. Of course it is the wife, but the whole experience is a tantalising specialty theatre restaurant on the high seas.

Radiance of the Seas performers in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Hilarious and delicious Mystery Dinner Theatre at sea

The jewel of all the destinations included stops in Papeete, Moorea and Bora Bora. We were greeted at every port with crystal, fluorescent waters, succulent seafood lunches, wide, beaming smiles and exotic, island culture with a French twist. This charming Polynesian cocktail is worth sipping slowly but unfortunately our ship had to sail.

Crossing The Equator
Crossing the Equator by ship means rituals are performed. King Neptune and his entourage held court on the pool deck pardoning lowly ship hands for dastardly deeds to ensure a safe passage into the northern hemisphere. Punishment was a spectacular shower of raw eggs, flour and spaghetti sauce followed by kissing the dead fish.

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Basque Country Foodie Road Trip by Paul Bachant

18 04 2017

Basque Country Foodie road trip by Paul BachantA Basque country foodie road trip is not the first think people think of when planning a trip to Spain. This autonomous region in the north of Spain contains a dramatic scenery of rugged coastlines, interior mountains and rolling vineyards, with strong culinary and cultural traditions existing alongside avant-garde art and architecture, all of which is well-worth a visit. 

But let’s get right to heart of the matter: the food. We’ve sampled tapas, or pintxos as they are called here, in many parts of Spain, but nothing compares to what you find in Basque Country. The attention to eating well is part of the culture, from the simplest of snack bars to the more formal restaurants. It is said that the revolution in Spanish cuisine witnessed over the past few decades originated here and then spread to the rest of the country and beyond.

So if you don’t like great food and wine, then the essence of Basque Country will escape you. If you doPaul Bachant, ManAboutWorld gay travel correspondent, then dive in with us! Story and photos by Paul Bachant.


After landing in Bilbao, we immediately noticed that we were in what is called the “Green Belt” of Spain. As the car whisked us to Vitoria-Gasteiz, the regional capital just one hour away, we were welcomed by the lushness of the green, forested hills. And while the rest of Spain was baking, we enjoyed the mild temperatures and a refreshing breeze.

Our first lunch in Vitoria-Gasteiz was at the intimate Taberna Tximiso where we were treated to an exquisite assembly of pintxos, each one more toothsome than the last, washed down with a crisp, local white wine. The owner explained each one with passion and even treated us to an off-menu item. The bill? A mere 23 euros for two. The evening meal consisted of a sampling of the many pintxo bars lining the streets of the medieval quarter, where the strolling and chatting and eating and drinking crowds contributed to a festive atmosphere. Read the rest of this entry »

Visit our Booth and Attend our Travel Panel at the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show April 1-2

28 03 2017

Meet LGBT travel experts at the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show, April 1-2Come meet the ManAboutWorld team at the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show April 1-2 at the Dallas Market Hall.

ManAboutWorld’s Ed Salvato will moderate a fun, information-packed LGBT travel panel at the Show on Sunday, April 2 11:45 AM-12:30 PM.

Register here for a free ticket but hurry we only have a limited supply.

All are welcome! Our booth provides information (and free guides) for all travelers (gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and our straight ally friends). The panel is designed for LGBT travelers as well as travel professionals interested in learning about trends, destinations, tours, cruises and events. All you need is an open mind and the passion to travel. Join this interactive and informative panel with leading experts in gay, lesbian and LGBT family travel.

Our moderator, ManAboutWorld’s Ed Salvato leads a very well-traveled group in a lively discussion touching on new cruises and tours, not-to-miss events and up-and-coming hot spots around the world. Come with your travel questions. This is a session you won’t want to miss!

We’ll be covering the world of LGBT travel, which is big! But among the many takeaways, here are three:

  • Destinations to put on your must-go list in 2017 and beyond
  • Events around the globe that are popular with LGBT travelers
  • Travel opportunities for LGBT families
  • Cruises, tours and how best to work with a travel agent or tour operator

Travel experts include:

Meet LGBT travel experts at the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show, April 1-2

Enjoy a Provincetown Dune Tour

28 08 2015
Clambake on the beach in Provincetown, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Clambake on the beach in Provincetown

ManAboutWorld magazine, along with  other media outlets, was invited to enjoy a Provincetown dune tour, an experience that Art’s Dune Tours has been providing for almost 70 years. (The original owner’s son now runs the company.) It’s a beautiful, interesting experience as these photos show.  The photo above shows a group of journalists enjoying a clam bake on the beach, lined up to enjoy the setting sun and the seals frolicking in the water. Below are more photos.

Provincetown dune tour, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Provincetown dune tour, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The beach at dusk

Provincetown dune tour, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The life-saving station

Visit this site for more information about the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station. It’s a very cool museum.

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For more trip-planning information from Provincetown tourism, visit their website or Facebook page.

Five Awesome Upcoming Gay Tours

17 08 2015

India with Zoom Vacations, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

What’s that you say? You have a little vacation time and money to burn up? Well, aren’t you lucky to have fallen upon this blog post! Here are a five awesome upcoming gay tours with some of our favorite gay tour operators. Sure, with the last month of summer upon us, you’re planning a last trip to Provincetown. Have fun we say! But be sure to plan for a more life-enriching gay tour, including those in quote gay-unfriendly countries. Those supposedly unfriendly places are often the most welcoming. Plus these gay tour operators wouldn’t set foot in a place that posed any sort of danger for their guests. And one of tours includes actual dragons! (See below.)

The destinations are amazing, the means of transportation are very cool, and you’ll be in the joyful company of other gay men. Here are a five of the best gay tours. For more, be sure to download the latest issue of ManAboutWorld.

A version of this post was originally published in ManAboutWorld and parts of it were also included in our weekly Towleroad travel piece, and an earlier version of this article included a Coda Tour to the Balkans; this trip has been filled.

Gay India
October 16-28
For a first-time visitor, India, with over 1.2 billion inhabitants, can be overwhelming; also beautiful, diverse, warm, chaotic and a kaleidoscope of contrasts. Zoom has plenty of experience with first-time (and repeat) visitors to the Indian subcontinent. Their trips combine luxurious accommodations and seemingly effortless organization to provide guests with a fantastic introduction to the country.

Treasures of Venice and the Dalmatian Coast Cruise
September 12-19
Picture yourself on an elegant five-masted luxury sailing yacht, silently coursing towards a medieval, beautifully preserved and bustling Adriatic port along the dramatic Croatian coast, cocktail in one hand, your partner in the other amid 226 other gay male guests. If you’ve enjoyed larger ship cruises, this is what you should graduate to. There are still a few staterooms available.

Club Atlantis Vallarta
November 1-8
You’ve heard of Atlantis Events cruises, but did you know they also do land-based resort weeks? It’s like a cruise in that the entire space is devoted to mostly gay male (with occasional women) guests. In addition to parties, entertainment, accommodations and food, your drinks are also included along with an array of activities from mild to demanding overseen by Atlantis’s ever-fun group of hosts. The event takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta (near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).

Komodo dragon, Komodo Island, Indonesia, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Bali & Komodo Gay Cruise and Tour
April 29-May 6, 2016
Have you ever seen active volcanoes? Here’s your chance to do that plus visit the Water Palace of Amlapura, snorkel pristine coral reefs in Kondo and witness thousands of flying foxes in Satonda. And the best of all: You’ll see the famous Komodo dragons up close. Oh and did we mention that you’ll get to loll on some of Indonesia’s most beautiful deserted beaches? Yep, all this with the fantastic men of Out Adventure.

Panama Canal Adventure
December 2-15
Welcome aboard the 105-stateroom M.S. Saint Laurent charted by Brand g Vacations for you and 200 fellow LGBT travelers. This cruise has you pass through the marvelous Panama Canal (a must-see on your bucket list) and along the glass towers of Panama City. You’ll visit islands, beaches and jungles, including the gorgeous Manuel Antonio National Park. It leaves Cartagena, Colombia and ends in Costa Rica.

Photos: Top: the subcontinent of India courtesy Zoom Vacations; Middle: A young man in the Balkans courtesy Coda Tours; Bottom: Prepare for a Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island, Indonesia by Stephen Bugno.

A Half Year of the Best Gay Tours

29 07 2015
Best gay tours including the Balkans as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The Balkans suddenly look hot, right?

Spend the next half a year enjoy the world’s best gay tours (or the ones we think are pretty darn amazing!).


Undiscovered Balkans September 16-30
Discover Ottoman splendors, Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox Monasteries, ancient sites and dramatic landscapes from Sofia to Belgrade with the experts of gay tour company Coda. Bordered by the Adriatic, Mediterranean and the rugged Dinaric Mountains, this land, Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited territory, boasts diverse cultures that have left their legacy across the Balkan Peninsula.


Gay India October 16-28
India can be overwhelming especially to first-time visitors. This country of over 1.2 billion inhabitants stuns you with its beauty, diversity, warmth and the chaos and contrasts you’ll find in cities and villages alike. On our first visit we found it helpful to go in a group. Zoom Vacations combines luxury accommodations and seamless organization to provide guests with an orderly and memorable introduction to one of the world’s most fascinating and intoxicating countries, with its kaleidoscope of languages, cultures, and traditions. A trip highlight is a stay in a 5-star hotel with direct views of the Taj Mahal, which visitors have been trekking to since the 17th century and which still holds a mysterious allure.


Panama Canal Adventure December 2-15
Step aboard the 105-stateroom M.S. Saint Laurent charted by Brand g Vacation along with 200 fellow LGBT travelers. You’ll pass through the marvelous Panama Canal, glittering Panama City, and visit islands, beaches and jungles, including the gorgeous Manuel Antonio National Park. Departs Cartagena, Colombia and ends in Costa Rica.


Bali & Komodo Gay Cruise and Tour April 29-May 6, 2016
Spot towering active volcanoes. Visit the Water Palace of Amlapura. Snorkel the most pristine and diverse coral reefs in Kondo. Witness thousands of flying foxes in Satonda and see the famous Komodo dragons in person. Explore some of Indonesia’s most beautiful deserted beaches with our friends, the competent fun folks at Out Adventures.

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Gayography: Gay Travel News You Can Use

9 07 2015

Invasion of the Pines, Gayography in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineThis gay travel news column is brought to you by Ashton Giese, gay travel magazine ManAboutWorld correspondent and editor of the GAYography newsbrief.

On your way to P-town? Pray to Jesus — since he apparently was gay — that your United flight won’t be grounded. Plus find the 200 greatest gay bars in the world, (in?)edible eats in the Philippines and find out what it’s like to be a gay Palestinian.

This week’s GAYography brief also includes some great events like next week’s National Geographic Nerd Nite with photojournalists who’ve traveled the world in DC and the classiest happy hour in NYC at the Rubin Art Museum.

Click here to sign upA vital resource for LGBT travelers, focusing on news, vacation insights, advocacy and current events in major cities around the globe, the GAYography brief is published each Thursday. Subscribe here & like!

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