Photo du Jour: Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

28 06 2016
Photo du jour: Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

This photo of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia was taken by ManAboutWorld correspondent, Michael Siebert

The Yorke Peninsula is a 3-hour drive from Adelaide, South Australia. It’s a playground for outdoor adventurers and photographers dream. More information:

Daily Dose of Travel Inspiration: Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, Australia

16 06 2015
Remarkable Rocks. Literally

Remarkable Rocks. Literally

Today’s Daily Dose of Travel Inspiration comes to us from our Australia-based correspondent Michael Siebert. The incredibly well named Remarkable Rocks are located in Flinders Chase National Park in the southwest corner of Kangaroo Island, Australia.  An early morning sunrise or sunset is an ideal time to visit, which will help highlight the orange colors in the rocks.


DDTI: Champagne Pools Off The Coast of Australia

27 08 2014

fraserOur Australian correspondent Michael Siebert sent us this fascinating update from Australia, a perfect island getaway for coupled gays

Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world, full of natural beauty and great for a three day escape – is off the coast and a short ferry ride from Hervey Bay about 50 minutes. Champagne Pools are located just North of Indian Head, an island off the coast of Australia, at the northern end of the famous 75-mile long eastern surf beach. You will actually be stopped by cops for a breathalyzer test. These pools provide a very popular swimming hole with the ocean crashing over the rocks.

*DDTI: Daily dose of travel inspiration

One Hump Or Two? Post-Pride Camel Trek

1 07 2013


After a breathlessly exciting week of gay news and then Gay Pride we thought it was time for a little R&R. Well, why not try a camel trek in Western Australia? That’s exactly what ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Michael Siebert did. Here’s his report, just in.

I’m at Cable Breach. In Broome Western Australia. I just took this picture. June-September is ideal weather in this area. The camel ride is the classic thing to do here … I was on ” tiny” the largest camel in cable beach.


Around The World With Paul and Jose: Cocktails in Melbourne

11 05 2013


Full disclosure: This is Sydney but it’s a hot pic

Full disclosure: This is Sydney but it’s a hot pic

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Paul Teixeira and his partner Jose are in the midst of an 87-day global gay adventure. He agreed to document his trip here with highlights from many destinations around the world. In his own words:

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Photo Du Jour: Hearson’s Cove In The Pilbara

7 04 2013
The Pilbara

The Pilbara

This gorgeous sunset is brought to us courtesy of ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Michael Siebert.

It was taken at Hearson’s Cove in the Pilbara, only 20 min drive from Karratha. (Don’t worry, we had to look it up too! Pilbara is in Western Australia. Click here to learn more.)

Heading to New Zealand or Australia? Head Here First

1 12 2011

New Zealand Maori Dancer Postcard; Flickr/CrayolaMom

Travel writer and gay tourism expert Jeff Guaracino recently visited Down Under (New Zealand and Australia).

He compiled his findings into a terrific tip sheet for anyone considering traveling there. And why wouldn’t you? It’s nearly summer in the SoHe (Southern Hemisphere0 and, well, the guys are hot and rugged!

Here are a few of his tips. For the complete article, visit Windy City Times.

On the looooong flight:

On a flight this long, it is important to rack up miles on one airline and you should definitely choose your carrier wisely. You will want a newer plane with a great international service. Air New Zealand now flies two new planes between Los Angeles and Auckland. Service is Kiwi-friendly and the food is superior. The airline has a good sense of humor and is very gay-friendly. Fitness celebrity Richard Simmons stars in the onboard safety video “Mile-high madness with Richard Simmons,” a hilarious take on safety. Check it out on YouTube.

At last check, roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles on Air New Zealand in November cost $2,000 for economy; slightly more for premium economy; and about $8,000 for business premier. Visit http:// for current prices. A round-trip flight between New Zealand and Australia costs about $500. It is best to search multiple airline websites at http:// .

What does a gay traveler need to know?

Consider a travel agent or tour operator to book your trip. A trip to these two countries could be complicated and you will want to plan a few organized or group tours. Check out for gay-friendly and LGBT-owned businesses operating in New Zealand and Australia. There are also a number of U.S. and Canadian based tour companies that organize group trips to these destinations. Research destination itineraries and explore New Zealand at http:// .

For gay nightlife, spend the weekend in Sydney. You will find a number of gay bars ( also called hotels ) along Oxford Street. New Zealand’s LGBT scene is very, very small but you will find bars that cater to mostly men. Search the web for up-to-date information. Grinder is also a terrific travel app where you can ask the locals what is happening while you are there.

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