Enjoy some of my recent meanderings.

Hawaii, September 2011

One of my favorite destinations on the planet, Hawaii is unlike any other part of the U.S. A former sovereign nation ruled by monarchs for centuries, the Aloha State boasts a rich, deep culture; a unique language; beguiling musical and dance traditions; and flora and fauna not found anywhere else. You’ll find a few of my recent Hawaii stories here.

India, October 2009

india1I had always never wanted to go to India. I know that sounds wacky but the idea of it kind of intrigued and scared me. I recently visited, doing the entire trip at the 5 star level. Feels like a cop out but I really enjoyed it and appreciated having a buffer between me and the craziness (especially the constant begging). I took this picture in Rajasthan where people actually don’t approach you except possibly to talk. Very lovely place. Read about my India adventures by clicking here.

Sri Lanka, October 2009

Sri Lanka was a revelation. I didn’t know what to expect when I headed there and had read about the devestation caused by the long civil war and the tsunami of 2004, where 40,000 people died. But this Buddhist nation simply picks itself up, dusts off and moves forward. You’ll find gorgeous beaches, thick jungles, Asian elephants in the wild, great hotels, amazing fresh-caught seafood, 2000-year-old Buddhist temples, Portuguese and Dutch Colonial-era architecture and much more. Go before it’s discovered.

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