Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent: Todd Cross

22 06 2014

CrossTodd_EgyptTodd Cross is a multimedia producer and videographer based in New York City. His professional journey in the visual communications field has blessed him with opportunity and adventure in more than 26 countries. He began his journey as a staff photographer for Egypt Today magazine, documenting stories in the Middle East and northern Africa. He transitioned from a photographer to a picture editor during his five years of work at the Washington Post and three years of editing at the Detroit Free Press. Since earning his multimedia graduate degree in 2010 from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Todd has embraced opportunities at NBC Universal, ABC News and In the Life Media.

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Welcome to our Newest Correspondent: Steven Bereznai

13 04 2014

IMG_1165One of Steven’s favorite ways to see the world is traveling to international gay and lesbian water polo tournaments with the Toronto Triggerfish. This has taken him to the World Outgames in Copenhagen and other events in Cologne, Iceland, and Antwerp, where his team won gold in 2013. He’s written extensively for both gay and straight outlets, including Instinct magazine, Xtra!, Fab, VIA Destinations, The Toronto Star, and NOW magazine. When home in Toronto, Steven helps promote wellness through his work as a hypnotherapist, trainer, and fascial stretch therapist. He’s the author of the survival guide Gay and Single…Forever? 10 Things Every Gay Guy Looking for Love (and Not Finding It) Needs to Know, and the gay teen superhero book series Queeroes.

Follow Steven on Instagram at Brave1956 and his blog stevenbereznai.com

Correspondent Update: When In San Diego, Do Ask, Do Tell

4 03 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.30.39 PMManAboutWorld Correspondent Paul Teixeira recently visited San Diego with his fine-tuned ear to the ground for what’s new and exciting and worth traveling for.

Rich’s nightclub in San Diego, CA is one of the longest running and favorite gay circuit clubs in the city, and quite possibly even in California. This large two-room venue holds constantly updated state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and effects along with numerous regular and special themed parties all throughout the year.

Oh, and did I mention they have a super hot staff of bartenders and gogo boys? This past Saturday, Feb 22, 2014, was one of their semi-regular military themed parties called “Active Duty.” San Diego has a  relevant current and past history of local military service, and this party both honors that and satisfies the hot gay military fantasies many of us have. It was extremely satisfying to see how the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has propagated into daily life. Rich’s asks, and the military personnel proudly tell, showing their IDs to get in for free. The club is transformed and decked out with a military themed atmosphere and even has a body painter on staff for those wanting a little camouflage. Check out their facebook profile for details and great pictures of all the fun this club brings to town.

Baltimore Queer Film and Media Festival

26 02 2014

birthdayBy ManAboutWorld correspondent Aaron Drake.

This Sunday night, the Baltimore Queer Film and Media Festival gets audiences warmed up with a screening of Chad Darnell’s mockumentaryBirthday Cake. The B’More QFest, which takes place June 12-15, 2014, will feature LGBT films from around the world — with a hat tip to Maryland, of course — special performances by the loveable Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) of his one-man show Fruit Fly: Do Gay Men Become Their Mothers?, and queer-themed art exhibits.

Birthday Cake’s Darnell recently made the rounds on the gay film circuit with his prequel short, Groom’s Cake, which swept up many festival awards. The next preview event for this year’s B’More QFest will be the Del Shore Southern Tragic Humor Double Bill on April 6, featuring the gay cult classic Sordid Liveswith Leslie Jordan and Olivia Newton John.

For more about B’More QFest, this year’s film lineup and to purchase tickets, visit http://www.Bmorequeer.org.

A Future Of Travel So Gay Kathy Griffin Loves It

18 02 2014
This is normally the boring bar in a mainstream casino.

This is normally the boring bar in a mainstream casino.

By Boston-based Global Correspondent Allister Chang

Boston-based The Welcoming Committee is bringing an innovative spirit of lighthearted activism into the world of gay travel. The TWC’s recent “take overs” of ski resorts, casinos, and other destinations have brought together a range of gay Bostonians. “Soon we’ll take over Cancun for Spring Break,” says Ashley Lucas, a recent hire who spearheaded the “Flannel Takeover” movement (GQBs organized specifically for our lesbian sisters).

TWC has reshaped the landscape of gay nightlife in Boston with their monthly Guerilla Queer Bars (GQB). On the first Friday of each month, TWC “takes over one of the douchiest bars in Boston.”  What Daniel initially began as a joke with 20 friends expanded to over a thousand participants by the 5th event.

TWC was named “best gay bar” by Boston Magazine in 2012.  “The funny thing about this award,” the founder of TWC Daniel Heller joked, “is that we aren’t a bar!”

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Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent Andy Keown

13 02 2014


Andy  is a tourism PR professional and frequent business traveler. In his job as communications director for Visit West Hollywood, he seeks to make connections with media and travelers around the world. He frequently visits New  York, Sydney and London, and loves seeking out up-and-coming neighborhoods and getting a feel for how people live. He’s an avid fan of anywhere with beaches, sunshine and people who know how to mix business with pleasure.

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Traveling Gay Dads: Winter Wonderland Vacation in the Colorado Rockies

11 02 2014

DSC_0013Haven Caylor is a ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent, father to two incredibly cute kids and one of our “Gay Traveling Dads.” He and his husband recently took Ammon and Carter to the Colorado Rockies for a family ski vacation.

I almost fell (it would have been worth it) as I looked over my shoulder at Carter and Ammon skiing down behind me on Fairway Run at Copper Mountain on February 7, 2014.  I skied ahead another 20 yards, slowed way down, started a wide turn so they could hear me and yelled up, “Great job, Carter! Great job, Ammon!” I then turned down the hill and couldn’t stop smiling. When we all stopped at the Kokomo Ski Lift, we celebrated with high fives and a group hug. We were so proud! We had another sporting activity we could enjoy as a family.

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