ManAboutWorld’s 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015

30 12 2014

15We look toward this New Year with new ambitions and new journeys that beckon us. Fifteen of them, actually on our annual list: The 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015.  The places themselves aren’t gay (one of them still criminalizes homosexuality!) but if you are, this is the ultimate guide to the important, interesting and surprising destinations for the next twelve months. In the current issue, we’ll introduce you to the people, places and things you should know before booking any of them. Are you going? Have you been? Can you match the photos to the list of 15 gay places to go?


Continue to the full post to see the matches, and learn one good reason (among many) why each place is on our list of 15 gay places to go in 2015. Read the rest of this entry »

Trans-cendent News Out of Fort Lauderdale

20 12 2014


Our correspondent Jeff Guaracino fills us in on some bigs news hitting Fort Lauderdale in 2015:

Always ahead of the curve, Ft. Lauderdale announced last week at the 15th annual Community Marketing International Conference on Gay and Lesbian Tourism a groundbreaking transgender travel initiative. For the next three years, the Southern Comfort Transgender Conference will convene there. Ft. Lauderdale is the first destination to address the needs of the Transgender community with specific ads and messaging that is sensitive to this unique group. Read the rest of this entry »

The Only Thing To Do In Fort Myers (And It Just Happens To Be Our New Favorite Museum)

19 12 2014

edisonTraveling is about being open to surprises, even when the destination may not seem like your forte. In Fort Myers, FL, a nondescript city on the southwestern region of the state, where even the locals admit the city leans a little on the sleepy side, we stumbled onto the most surprising hidden gem we’ve come across in sometime. The Edison and Ford Winter Estates is a treasure for the city, housing original phonographs created by Edison — the world’s very first iPod, if you will. Guests can take a tour and listen to centuries old music in its original form, among other inventions dreamed up by Edison. A tour of his house next door is also a serene stroll on the water.


ManAboutWorld Takes Over the Gulf Coast of Florida

11 12 2014

postcard innI arrived last night in Tampa, took a quick drive down 275-S to St. Pete, and checked into the Postcard Inn On The Beach, a funky, chick shack of a hotel right on the beach, and we mean it; the hotel property leads right into the sand and the Gulf Coast. The hotel has a quirky lobby of bookshelves, surfboards, cozy couches arranged in bright, beachy colors. The rooms are simple, with surf-themes, and we particularly loved the wall art that could be construed as two gay surfer boys holding hands. (Perhaps not, but that’s my story.) Flat-screen TVs, tons of outlets, strong WiFi, and a cheap eats snack shack on the beach next to a cabana of late-night loud music equals a great shabby beach hotel to start off the trip.

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