Five Awesome Upcoming Gay Tours

17 08 2015

India with Zoom Vacations, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

What’s that you say? You have a little vacation time and money to burn up? Well, aren’t you lucky to have fallen upon this blog post! Here are a five awesome upcoming gay tours with some of our favorite gay tour operators. Sure, with the last month of summer upon us, you’re planning a last trip to Provincetown. Have fun we say! But be sure to plan for a more life-enriching gay tour, including those in quote gay-unfriendly countries. Those supposedly unfriendly places are often the most welcoming. Plus these gay tour operators wouldn’t set foot in a place that posed any sort of danger for their guests. And one of tours includes actual dragons! (See below.)

The destinations are amazing, the means of transportation are very cool, and you’ll be in the joyful company of other gay men. Here are a five of the best gay tours. For more, be sure to download the latest issue of ManAboutWorld.

A version of this post was originally published in ManAboutWorld and parts of it were also included in our weekly Towleroad travel piece, and an earlier version of this article included a Coda Tour to the Balkans; this trip has been filled.

Gay India
October 16-28
For a first-time visitor, India, with over 1.2 billion inhabitants, can be overwhelming; also beautiful, diverse, warm, chaotic and a kaleidoscope of contrasts. Zoom has plenty of experience with first-time (and repeat) visitors to the Indian subcontinent. Their trips combine luxurious accommodations and seemingly effortless organization to provide guests with a fantastic introduction to the country.

Treasures of Venice and the Dalmatian Coast Cruise
September 12-19
Picture yourself on an elegant five-masted luxury sailing yacht, silently coursing towards a medieval, beautifully preserved and bustling Adriatic port along the dramatic Croatian coast, cocktail in one hand, your partner in the other amid 226 other gay male guests. If you’ve enjoyed larger ship cruises, this is what you should graduate to. There are still a few staterooms available.

Club Atlantis Vallarta
November 1-8
You’ve heard of Atlantis Events cruises, but did you know they also do land-based resort weeks? It’s like a cruise in that the entire space is devoted to mostly gay male (with occasional women) guests. In addition to parties, entertainment, accommodations and food, your drinks are also included along with an array of activities from mild to demanding overseen by Atlantis’s ever-fun group of hosts. The event takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta (near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).

Komodo dragon, Komodo Island, Indonesia, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Bali & Komodo Gay Cruise and Tour
April 29-May 6, 2016
Have you ever seen active volcanoes? Here’s your chance to do that plus visit the Water Palace of Amlapura, snorkel pristine coral reefs in Kondo and witness thousands of flying foxes in Satonda. And the best of all: You’ll see the famous Komodo dragons up close. Oh and did we mention that you’ll get to loll on some of Indonesia’s most beautiful deserted beaches? Yep, all this with the fantastic men of Out Adventure.

Panama Canal Adventure
December 2-15
Welcome aboard the 105-stateroom M.S. Saint Laurent charted by Brand g Vacations for you and 200 fellow LGBT travelers. This cruise has you pass through the marvelous Panama Canal (a must-see on your bucket list) and along the glass towers of Panama City. You’ll visit islands, beaches and jungles, including the gorgeous Manuel Antonio National Park. It leaves Cartagena, Colombia and ends in Costa Rica.

Photos: Top: the subcontinent of India courtesy Zoom Vacations; Middle: A young man in the Balkans courtesy Coda Tours; Bottom: Prepare for a Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island, Indonesia by Stephen Bugno.

NYTimes: On A Gay Cruise, Just One of the Guys

13 04 2015


The New York Times takes an interesting look inside gay cruises and comes away saying “…The sense of freedom was powerful: You could be old or young, slim or heavy, and could have a loud, drunken cruise, a quiet romantic one, or even a naughty one. The many people I met who had taken multiple Atlantis cruises, 10 or even 20 or more, are clearly on to something.”

I hadn’t expected to fit in on this cruise. I thought the Atlantis experience might be too intense for me; I’d heard stories about the costumes and assumed that only impossibly young gay men with untraceable amounts of body fat would be on board. I figured that my partner, Brett, and I would feel awfully out of place.

For ManAboutWorld’s take on cruise vacations (gay and straight), download our March issue: Check out this special subscription offer.

Photo credit: Brett Douglas, The New York Times


In the March issue: Cruising, Dallas, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale + Davey Wavey’s West Hollywood

27 03 2015


Ask a gay friend who’s never been on a cruise if he’d like to go on one, and he’ll probably decline.
I wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise!

Then ask a friend who’s been on one and he’ll likely say it was the best vacation he’s ever had. In our experience, it’s pretty much blogbinary: The uninitiated would never go on a cruise, but once they do, they’re ready to book their next one by the third day. How could so many otherwise perceptive, bright and imaginative people be so wrong, and what on earth could produce this 180-degree turnaround?

In our current issue, (available now on iPad and Android tablet with our $1 trial subscription) we eradicate the myths of gay cruising and explore the adventure, romance, and life-changing friendships you’ll experience. We stocked the issue full of information, exhaustive research (including our survey of gay-friendliness among the cruise lines), inspiring tales, and answered all of your questions so you’ll be ready to cruise this summer. Read the rest of this entry »

15 Places To Travel in 2015: Alaska … Because RSVP Returns in 2015 with its 30th Anniversary Alaska cruise

12 02 2015
As seen in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

Gorgeous ice-capped mountains and glacial waters in Alaska

For a traveler, Alaska can seem as unmanageable as it is beautiful. It’s a vast, sprawling, and utterly massive state; at more than 660,000 square miles, it’s bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined. It has 15 national parks, a pretty but small capital city in Juneau, and some of the most wondrous vistas in the world So how do you do Alaska? The first thing you’ll need to accept is that you can’t do it all; you’re going to have to choose which side of Alaska you want to see. The mess of islands that comprises Southeastern Alaska is gorgeous and unique but perhaps better for a second visit. The most common way most travelers see Alaska is by cruise line. An Alaska Cruise is a trip of a lifetime, and if you go, the best time to do it is June through August, and we recommend choosing a small ship rather than a large one so that it’s easier to lose the crowds, escape the overdeveloped ports, and experience Alaska’s nature and wildlife in greater depth and relative peace.

Click here for access to our insider tips for all 15 destinations!


Kevin Mossier Paved Our Waves With RSVP Vacations

21 11 2014


The latest gay travel column from Global Correspondent Jeff Guaracino notes the 30th aanniversaryof gay and lesbian cruises with RSVP Vacations.

GLBT travel is not just about creating a value for our community but it also how we can impact the world through our travels.

In 2015, RSVP Vacations marks 30 years of gay and lesbian cruises with a yearlong celebration highlighted by their largest cruise yet on the brand new Regal Princess.

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New Leadership Brings Energy (And Lower Prices) to RSVP Cruises

12 11 2013

CDR_02152013_0090_RSVP_Caribbean_2013 copyBy Jeff Guaracino, ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent

Since 1985, over 100,000 guests have discovered RSVP Vacations. Now owned by Atlantis Events—among the best brand names in gay vacations—RSVP Vacations has a new president Randel Roper. Formerly of Starwood Hotels, Randel brings a new energy to RSVP.

RSVP is drawing a diverse group of passengers aboard their trips. According to Roper, women are now 10 percent of their passengers. He anticipates 350 lesbians to join RSVP for their February sailing aboard the brand new MSC Divina for a Caribbean sailing from Miami on February 15th.

One reason for the increasing draw of women travelers is due to the work of Rachel Pearson, RSVP’s first lesbian executive producer who is responsible for operations and entertainment. Women traveling on RSVP will find lesbian comics Jessica Kirson and Poppy Champlin. There are women-only brunches, disco and cocktail hours.

“Our women passengers find RSVP an alternative to Sweet and Olivia,” claimed Roper. Sweet and Olivia cater to lesbian travelers offering cruises and land-based trips.

That’s not to say that gay men—who still account for 90% of the ship—will have to forgo their leather and underwear parties. With more Europeans and South Americans discovering RSVP Vacations, the clientele is diversifying beyond RSVP’s traditional American base.

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Cruising With Ed: Join Our Editor In Chief On A Fabulous Cruise

7 08 2013
Picture yourself here

Picture yourself here

Sail aboard the luxurious MSY Wind Surf, a gorgeous five-masted sailing yacht chartered by Source Events for an all-gay cruise. It sets sail September 15, 2013 from Lisbon, one of the most charming and under-rated gems of Europe and completes it’s 8-night sailing in Spain’s gay-friendliest city, Barcelona on Monday, September 23. More info. about the cruise here.

But why this cruise and why now? Well, for one ManAboutWorld’s very own editor in chief, Ed Salvato will be on board. Though he’d like to think that should be your sole necessary and sufficient reason, there are many other enticements to get you on board:

  • Intimacy: As much as we love big gay cruises, this one will have only 300 passengers (and 190 crew).
  • Itinerary: Besides Lisbon and Barcelona, discover Ibiza, Mallorca, Malaga and more.
  • Experience: A unique journey combining sailing, a full moon party, fun activities, great entertainment and parties, delicious cuisine, a healthy dose of fitness, guest speakers, excursions and more.
  • Special offer: Mention Ed’s name when booking and get a special “Friends of Ed” deal! !Visit the website, call (888-SOURCE8) or email.

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