This Month’s Issue is Live: New York Takeover!

19 04 2014

cabsIt’s finally here….

Our New York issue is live! The ultimate insider guide to the greatest city in the world is now available to download on iPad and Android tablet, featuring the different faces of the Big Apple that make it the most diverse and dynamic city on Earth: the classic gentleman, the Williamsburg hipster, the culture snob, the trendy scenester, and of course, the gay man.

Learn how to dine around the world within the five boroughs, discover the hidden gems and the secret tips that only a local would know, and get full access to the only hotels, restaurants, and clubs we use.

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Daily Dose of Travel Inspiration: Rooms with a Central Park View

15 04 2014

Marrriott Central PK BLDG2_810 Reflect LOThe ManAboutWorld team has been very busy this month working on our (almost) “all New  York City” issue, a deep dive into the best of the Big Apple. We discovered some fabulous and surprising venues, including drop-dead views from the new Courtyard Marriott/Residence Inn located between Central Park and Hell’s Kitchen, pictured above. Almost all units have some sort of cool NYC view sweeping from the George Washington Bridge to the World Trade Center. For more of our discoveries just download the latest issue and swipe your way to your best NYC trip ever. If you don’t subscribe, what are you waiting for? Click here for a special offer.

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Daily Dose of Travel Inspiration: Spring Has Arrived

12 04 2014

3662651926_d7da13a9ed_zFinally, spring has arrived in New York City after a bitch of a winter. Here’s a photo of the High Line elevated park in Chelsea from our last Big Apple-themed issue (summer 2012). Very soon we will release our updated all-NYC issue. Till then, enjoy this daily dose of travel inspiration.

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Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent: Lance Stamps

16 11 2013

Lance stamps low-res

Welcome to ManAboutWorld’s newest correspondent, Lance Stamps.

Lance is a hotel junkie. As the VP of Marketing for, the online division of Classic Travel Service, he hand-picks the hotels that are featured on their luxury hotel booking platform. features the world’s best hotels and members have access to some of the best rates and amenities available to the luxury traveler. Keeping up with all the new properties that are available to clients is a challenge that he loves. Every hotel has a few special rooms and discovering the perfect one is always exciting. His goal in the near future is to take a year and live in various hotels around the world. Who doesn’t love waking up in a luxury hotel?!

When he is not traveling and expanding Classics hotel collection he enjoys overseeing his nightclub OPEN HOUSE in the L.E.S.

Follow Lance on LinkedIn or on his website Classic Travel

Sensual Travels: Book Launch, August 13, 2013

10 08 2013

mlIf you’re in New York on Tuesday, August 13, come for the book launch of Sensual Travels, edited by published author (and ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent),Michael Luongo The book launch will take place at The Bureau of General Services, Queer Division at 7pm on 27 Orchard Street. Mike will be reading along with New York contributors Michael Mele and Dominic Ambrose. In his words:

The Long and Hard Journey to Publish Sensual Travels, edited By Michael Luongo

A long and hard journey is certainly an apt phrase to describe many of the stories in my new book, Sensual Travels, an edited collection of gay travel erotica just released by German publisher Bruno  Gmünder, well known for their Spartacus guides.  But a long and hard journey also is the perfect way to describe how long it took to get this book out to the reading public.

Read the rest of this entry »

Travel Weekly Roundup by TravelingIQ

3 11 2012

Gee, thanks, Sandy

Global Correspondent Ivan Quintanillais an actor, traveler and blogger extraordinaire. Once a week he provides a re-cap of noteworthy travel stories. We pilfer his round-up (with his permission) so you don’t have to. Follow his travels at TravelingIQ.

*It has been a rough week for the eastern coast of the United States.  Much of the region devastated by Hurricane/ Superstorm Sandy is still without power and is reaching an economic damage pricetag of $50 Billion.  (via USA Today)

*For those still trying to coordinate travel during the aftermath, every major U.S. airline is waving changing fees (via USA Today), and though the hotel situation in New York is grim, one website guides you through the options.  (via Hotel Chatter)

*In other news, the U.S. is electing its next president on Tuesday.  Take a politically inspired trip to get you in the spirit (via CNN), or escape the sound bites, talking heads and potential four years of horror–after voting, of course–by burying your head in warm sand.   (via CNN)

*Your vacation album will be the envy of all your Facebook friends after posting pictures from these top photography destinations.  (via Lonely Planet)

*Navigating a new city can be challenging, your iPhone can help.  (

*When it all just becomes too much to handle, escape to one of the “World’s Most Sensational Spas.”  (via Passport)

What did I miss?  Share your favorite travel news in the comments below or by posting on the Traveling IQ Facebook page.

Sandy Cam Live Shots From NY Times Building

29 10 2012

We have our eyes on you, Sandy

Check out the live camera feed from the 51st floor of the NY Times Building in Midtown for shots of Hurricane Sandy.

Click here.


Jake Gyllenhaal on Stage: A Great Reason to Visit NYC

18 10 2012

Candid pic by Ed Salvato after show

Here’s another good reason to come to New York City as well as an excuse to gratuitously show a close-up picture of the handsome Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s seen here exiting the Roundabout Theatre where he’s performing in the dark comedy If there is I haven’t found it yet. He’s terrific in the show and, I just noticed, he has a lot of a’s and l’s in his name.

If you decide to come to New York to see Jake or for one of the other countless great reasons to visit the Big Apple, be sure to download ManAboutWorld’s summer 2012 issue chock full of up-to-the-minute recommendations for where to stay, eat, play, meet and soak up culture.

New York’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants

21 09 2012

One of our readers asked us for our recommendations for the city’s top vegetarian restaurants. He must have missed the ones we included in our recent issue! So we’re surfacing them here.

There’s nothing inherently gay about any of our choices for best vegetarian restaurants in New York, except they’re in neighborhoods our readers are most likely to explore when they visit.

It’s hard to find great vegan cuisine anywhere, but the “animal-caring” Blossom has three outposts serving great vegan, including gluten free, fare all organic and sourced as locally as possible. Blossom is in several locations though we like the one in Chelsea best (natch). Read the rest of this entry »

The Undisputed Queen of the High Seas to Visit New York

15 08 2012

Picture me on this ship on August 28

The Queen Mary 2, the largest ocean liner** ever built, is scheduled to cross the Atlantic Ocean from New York City to South Hampton in seven days, departing the Big Apple on Tuesday,  August 28 and arriving in Southampton, England, on Tuesday, September 7.

And I’ll be on board.

There are larger ocean-going ships but the QM2 is the largest cruise liner (**see below) and by all reports one of the most elegant vessels on the high seas. If placed vertically next to the Empire State Building, it’d rise just over a 100-feet shy of New York’s most storied skyscraper.

Cunard Line, the company that operates the QM2, Cunard’s flagship, and her sister ships the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria, has been in continuous operation from 1840. My paternal grandparents arrived into the New World from Italy on a ship. With the barest of necessities on board—not quite the same level of luxuries as the QM2. That is the last time anyone in my family crossed the Atlantic by ship. I’ve always wanted to take the QM2 across the pond and I’m delighted to do it a century after the Salvatos established their family name in the U.S.

I’ll be traveling with a colleague and we plan on Tweeting, blogging and Facebook posting our experiences (before, during and after). I wonder if the experience will be:

  • Overwhelmingly straight (we hear that it’s gayer than you’d expect);
  • Too formal (there are two balls planned during the week); or
  • Too stuffy (the people in the photos sure look relaxed!).

So be sure to follow me here, on Twitter and via Facebook to get a sense of a cruise on the QM2 and if it’s the right kind of experience for you.

**What’s the difference between ocean liners and cruise liners or ships? Turns out there’s a subtle but  significant difference according to Cunard publicist Laruel Davis:

“A cruise liner/ship is made to do just that: cruise at lower speeds. An ocean liner such as Queen Mary 2 is made specifically to cut through major bodies of water such as the Atlantic at higher (read: non-cruise) speeds. This is why she, more than any other ship, is so well suited to regular Transatlantic service.


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