Departing Shots: Killer Photos Of Cemeteries

27 05 2015
La Recoleta Buenos Aires

La Recoleta Buenos Aires

Cemeteries are the subject of the Parting Shots section of this month’s issue of the magazine. Here are a few of our favorite shots. Story and photos by Jeffrey James Keyes

  1.   Why do you check out cemeteries when you travel?

I think some of the most incredible artwork can be found in cemeteries, I love seeing how some are well maintained and others have the feel of a secret garden, like you’ve stumbled into some storybook garden with trees and vines growing over the statues and graves. All cemeteries have the same peaceful vibe, it automatically grounds me and reminds me that life is fleeting. Whenever I leave a cemetery I feel slightly recharged, like I’m ready to live and tackle the world.

  1. Do you travel to places you know will have cemeteries or do you simply check out cemeteries when you find them?

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The Gay Graves of Brooklyn

29 04 2015


The Gay Graves Tour, a one-of-a-kind tour at Green-Wood Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark in Brooklyn, returns for spring 2015. The tour will introduce you to the famous and the not-so-famous gay men and lesbians who are among the permanent residents at Green-Wood. The Gay Graves Tour is conducted entirely on foot. Tickets are $30 per person.

Beginning at the fabulous Victorian Gothic entry gate to Green-Wood, we visit the final resting places of four gay composers: Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Leonard Bernstein, Paul Jabara and Fred Ebb, as well as those of the groundbreaking lesbian artists, Violet Oakley and Emma Stebbins; plus others.

Amid centuries-old trees, fabulous works of art, and bucolic surroundings enjoy a fascinating dose of gay history, New York history and U.S. history during this unique tour.

The Gay Graves Tour will be conducted on Sunday, May 3rd, beginning promptly at 11 AM at Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 25th St. at Fifth Ave., Brooklyn (The 25th St. R train stop is only 1 block from Green-Wood. From Manhattan & Queens, ride the express Q train to DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, changing there to a local R train.)

For further details and to buy tickets, please visit  and if your travels include final resting places, be on the lookout for “Departing Shots” by JJ Keyes in our May issue with coverage of famous cemeteries around the world.

The Right Place for the Wrong People

23 01 2015

As seen in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

Our friend Andrew Lear wrote this fun and interesting piece on his new Oscar Wilde tour of New York:

New York is truly one of the great gay cities. Ever since the days before the Civil War, when Walt Whitman hung out with his Bohemian friends at Pfaff’s Beer Cellar at Broadway and Bleecker, it has been a major center of gay life. It is true that the city often tried to repress it, but since the late 19th century, the city has had drag shows and gay baths and bars and cafés which, if not exactly gay, tolerated openly gay behavior—or even used it as an attraction for customers. And the city has been a mecca for gay people from other, more repressive parts of America and home to an astonishing list of famous and fascinating LGBT personalities and talents, from Whitman to Bessie Smith to Cole Porter, Rudi Nureyev, Andy Warhol, and so on.

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Dine Around The World: Authentic Thai Comes to The Big Apple

18 10 2014

paetrioA recent New York Times article about a new, authentic Thai restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens – Paet Rio–  seemed to both harken back to ManAboutWorld’s ‘Dine Around The World’ feature we published in our New York Takeover guide this past Spring, and look ahead to our upcoming Thailand guide. Our idea was to showcase the culinary diversity throughout New York’s five boroughs – the Poles of Greenpoint, the Russians of Brighton Beach, the Koreans of Jackson Heights, and so on – but the news of Elmhurst bursting onto the scene as NYC’s new Thai Town is welcomed news to us.

You can read all about how to Dine Around The World in New York bysubscribing here! And keep an eye out for our Thailand guide, coming soon!

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Free ManAboutWorld New York City Travel Guide!

4 06 2014

460x285MAWbannerClick here to claim your ManAboutWorld New York City guide, and enjoy our savvy, opinionated, inspired and gay travel information and inspiration. For the month of June, it’s free, in partnership with NYC & Company. You’ll find our take on New York’s neighborhoods and our “Perfect New York Days” capturing the best of what’s

  • Gay
  • Classic
  • Trendy
  • Hipster and
  • Cultured

in the city. We’ve added specific guides for accommodations, dining, nightlife and outdoor fun. We have a guide to the city’s top tourist attractions, giving you the inside track to skipping lines and saving dough. And we’ll take you on a culinary world tour within the city limits, exploring the multi-cultural heritage that continues to define this great city.

Whether you’re coming here for NYC Pride or any one of a million other reasons, you’ll find the information you need for a perfect stay.

What are you waiting for? Take a delicious (free!) bite of the Big Apple  here.

Special thanks to:

Visit for additional information, reservations, special offers and event calendars for all of New York City.




Visit NYC Pride for up-to-date information and tickets for all official Pride events.



Worth Traveling For? Heathers, The Musical

22 05 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.37.52 AM

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Rich Martino is also a man about town in New York, taking in plays and shows and reporting on them for us occasionally. Is a show worth traveling for? Rich sounds off on Heathers the Musical.

Fans of the late eighties dark comedy film will not be disappointed with this witty and camp musical reimagining. The book is loyal to the movie’s plotline about three mean girls all named Heather that agree to admit an outsider to their popular high school clique, a decision that triggers hilarious, and ultimately murderous, consequences. The play even manages to address some serious issues, which hit home a little more now than when the movie came out, considering the last couple decades of school violence. But the emphasis is still on fun, with the best lines and scenes from the movie incorporated either into the dialogue (“What’s your damage, Heather?”) or as lyrics in the over-the-top songs, such as (You Make My Balls) “Blue”, and (I love) “My Dead Gay Son”. Oh, and if you like a little eye candy to help make the ticket price worthwhile, there’s two hunky actors in underwear for much of the play to seal the deal.

Worth traveling for? If you liked Heather’s, the movie, you’ll love this.

This Month’s Issue is Live: New York Takeover!

19 04 2014

cabsIt’s finally here….

Our New York issue is live! The ultimate insider guide to the greatest city in the world is now available to download on iPad and Android tablet, featuring the different faces of the Big Apple that make it the most diverse and dynamic city on Earth: the classic gentleman, the Williamsburg hipster, the culture snob, the trendy scenester, and of course, the gay man.

Learn how to dine around the world within the five boroughs, discover the hidden gems and the secret tips that only a local would know, and get full access to the only hotels, restaurants, and clubs we use.

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